How to Become a Free Fuck Buddy Magnet

I’ve got some bad news for you, but I’ve also got some great news. First, the bad news. If you’ve joined a typical website that offers a free fuck buddy experience, get ready for the long fight. Seriously.

It’s not as awesome as you think because first of all, there is the statistical reality. There are several dozen thousand guys for every real, live, breathing human female on that website. Get ready for that statistical disparity because the more you ignore this, the more you will fail.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that because you cannot respond to that statistical disconnect like an ostrich. You can’t just put your head in the ground and pretend it doesn’t exist. That is not a realistic way to deal with a problem.

So what is the way to get around this monstrosity of a challenge? Well, it’s actually quite simple. If you want to turn yourself into a free fuck buddy magnet, you have to be magnetic. I know that sounds almost anticlimactic to the point that it’s stupid. Well, hear me out.

Understand that people are all broken and missing. This is the assumption that you must work with because it’s true. Even if you take the happiest motherfucker on this planet, I can tell you, he or she has a part of his present or her past that they’re not entirely happy with. There’s always a piece that’s missing, a little bit that is deformed, warped or they feel they’re embarrassed about.

At some point or at some level of their existence or in their experience, they feel embarrassed. They think that they’re weird or abnormal. They’re ashamed. They’re guilty of something. And that’s what connects us.

It’s not something to run away from, it’s not something to cover up for. In fact, it’s something to celebrate because the more you wear your vulnerability on your shoulder, the more human you become.

And I’m not talking about doing this for show, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. I’m not talking about using this to come up with some sort of advantage because if you approach it that way, you’re going to be putting on a show. You’re going to be a hypocrite, you’re going to be a liar. I’m talking about focusing on the part of you that is authentic and that’s real.

And you don’t have to be sad. You don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to feel neglected because when you project that out, you would realize that all of us are broken. All of us have missing pieces and all of us are reaching out.

We’re looking for soul partners. We’re looking for people we can see eye to eye with. And that’s how you become a magnet because that’s where you get buddies. Free fuck buddy start by being buddies first.

So if you join a free fuck buddy website and you are ready, willing, and eager to connect on an authentic and truly personal level, eventually, you will become a magnet. But you have to put in the time. Otherwise, it’s not going to pan out. The last thing that you should even think about is quitting.

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