Best Way to Enjoy Your Foot Fetish

If your spouse confesses to having a foot fetish, you shouldn’t feel strange about it. You might think sex, including a foot fetish, to be a bit weird, but it’s completely safe and legal and might even turn out to be rather attractive. Undoubtedly, we are hearing more and more about foot fetishes these days. My theory is that because there is less shame associated with foot fetishes, they are becoming a little more prevalent, and you are hearing about them more. People seem to understand how commonplace fixations are, and there appears to be a movement toward normalizing various forms of sexuality. You can have an intense orgasm and satisfy your horny soul by visiting feet9.

It’s simple to entice a guy and explore your passion with these gorgeous and intense fetish methods! 

Try a foot bath

An excellent method to ease into foot play is a delightful foot bath. Put your or your partner’s feet into a warm, partially filled bathtub to start, then rub, stimulate, and clean them with a sponge. Next, add some scented soap or light candles to set the scene and add sensuality. Then, give yourself a soapy foot massage or conclude by drenching your feet in oil.

Hit the Hot Spots

If your spouse, does it to you, softly slide your toes over sensitive areas, such as the hips, penis, trim back, or breasts. He will feel your eager body rubbing on him if you touch him appropriately in places where he will experience more sensation, such as his balls and firm cock. It won’t be long until you hear him scream with pleasure. 

Footjob mixed with genital stimulation

If you have a more muscular foot fetish, you might be interested in trying a footjob that uses your feet to stimulate your genitalia. You may start a game of footsie below the dining table, which is how ladies are frequently shown caressing their partners in porn with one or both feet. Additionally, since their partners may massage the vulva with their feet, women are not left out in the cold. For clitoral stimulation, some ladies may even kneel while pressing their ankles into their vulvas! Naturally, a good deal of agility is needed for this. Your clitoris can be stimulated in far more straightforward ways.


It’s crucial that all sexual activity, including foot fetishes, be done safely and consensually. And fetishes have the potential to provide tremendous depth and richness to anyone’s sexual experience. Some men also have a heightened desire for footjobs to satisfy their sexual needs.

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